Rehab Activities

Is there a connection between the mind and body? We believe there is, and we’re not alone. Many of the physicians and mental health professionals we interact with agree.

We have treated thousands of individuals who have come to us for relief from alcoholism, drug
addiction, or an eating disorder.  In many cases, these patients
are suffering from depression or anxiety disorders.

From our 25 years of treating addiction, we have learned that chemical dependency and
emotional issues often go hand in hand with deterioration of a client’s
physical well-being.

Therefore, we make sure that a physical fitness program is
part of every client’s rehab treatment plan. There is good reason to
believe the recovery process is aided by a schedule of physical
exercise. It is well known that that exercise can trigger a
feeling of happiness, tranquility, euphoria, and creativity that can
last anywhere from just minutes to several hours. Why not take
advantage of such healing properties?

Balancing Addiction Education with Enjoyable Physical and Social Activities

Our clients benefit from structure and routine yet are given opportunities to monitor their own behavior and practice skills during which self assessment and trust building occur.

Some of Our Activities Fall into the Following Categories:

 Adventure Therapy Activities:

  • serve as alternative “highs”
  • these activities lead to self-acceptance and team building

Educational Activities:

  • expose clients to alternative behaviors and resources
  • teach problem solving and decision making experiences
  • build awareness of individual values and assets

Relaxation/Stress Management Activities:

  • reduce anxiety
  • teach boundaries and assertiveness techniques

This is why the experience of
recovering at our facility in Newport Beach
California is so beneficial. Clients will have opportunities to enjoy
exercise and many outdoors activities to rebuild their confidence and

Many clients who come here after years of abusing alcohol or
drugs actually believe that life will not be
enjoyable without their drug of choice.

We know that within the first month of treatment, we must show clients that  they will truly feel good again without drugs.  That is why our activities are so effective.

It will not be long after a client arrives here that he or she will be experiencing physically challenging and esteem building
recovery activities in the Southern California area. Orange County has so much to offer recovering men and women and we do not
just take our clients to the gym. There are many other fun social and
esteem-building recovery activities we offer. Here is a partial list:


There are fun outdoors activities like:

  • Beachfront Barbeques
  • Sailing off of the Newport Coast
  • Sports Fishing (weekly) off of the Newport Coast
  • Sand Castle Competitions
  • Universal Studios
  • Disneyland
  • California Adventure
  • Go Karts
  • Knott’s Berry farm
  • Palm Springs Excursion

 There are physical activities like:


  • Daily 24 Hour Fitness Visits
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Frisbee/Disc Golf
  • 5K Run
  • Golfing
  • Yoga
  • Surfing Classes
  • Soccer Team

There are esteem building and enriching activities like:

  • Art Museums (Bowers, Getty, Others)
  • Candle Making
  • Botanical Gardens Trip
  • Sawdust Festival
  • Movies
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Reptile Zoo
  • Sea World
  • Long Beach Aquarium

Some Specific Examples of the Benefits:

Ropes Course:

  • Provides an opportunity for people to build trust and bonds
  • Builds confidence & overcome challenges as a group while having fun

Rock Climbing

  • Allows participants to build trust, develop communication skills & learn the importance of a positive support system
  • Supports positive personal growth and change in an environment where they can challenge themselves both physically and mentally
  • Improves coordination, balance, muscle tone & flexibility
  • Provides a sense of accomplishment & empowerment
  • Reminds us that like recovery, we can’t do it alone

Outrigger Paddling:

  • Provides stunning views of Newport Harbor
  • Puts a team of 6 or more working together for a common goal
  • Improves communication skills and bonding

Equine Assisted Therapy:

  • Teaches new solutions and tools involving communication skills, anger management, conflict resolution and inter-personal relationships
  • Provides insight and self-awareness to identified patterns.

Daily Activities Strengthen Recovery

is an organized activity offered every day of the week for our client to take
advantage of.

Our recovering clients will be out in the community
learning enriching things and expanding their horizons at museums and
community events some days and on other days will be having the time of
their life at Orange County amusement parks. The important thing is
that the men and women in our program will be with other recovering
people (including chaperones from our treatment facility), and feel like
they are members of society and not living in a drug rehab. Soon after
that client who was so entrenched in using their drug of choice will find that they are getting enjoyment out
of participating in sober activities and building their strength back
up to continue their recovery for the long term.

Be sure to visit the videos and photos of our rehab facilities
to learn more about what life is like in recovery here at Sober Living
by the Sea.

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