Administrative Staff List

Our facility has men and women all over Southern California and beyond to help families get the help they need for their loved one who is in trouble. Here is some contact info for some of the staffers who reach out into communities and answer questions about addiction and eating disorder treatment.

Director of Business Development

Paige Germany Willard, BA

Paige Germany Willard is our Director of Business Development.  Paige understands the disease of addiction and is driven to help the families in need get the help they deserve. Paige has been
active in the recovery community since 2001.

Paige previously worked in marketing and advertising for ABC
network in Dallas, Texas. She graduated magna cum laude from Millsaps
You can see Paige as a guest speaker on Dr. Phil here.

Phone: 949-554-1114


Clinical Outreach Representative for Southern California

Hope Ferguson, BA

is such a gift of trust when I am asked to help provide guidance during
the fragile moments at the beginning of a suffering person’s journey.
The rewards are boundless when I am able witness the transformation as
someone embraces their recovery. ”
- Hope Ferguson

Hope Ferguson is the Clinical Outreach Representative for Southern
California.  Hope previously worked in pharmaceutical and medical sales
and has an extensive background in business development.   Hope also
has a personal family background with chemical dependency.   Hope is
very passionate about facilitating access to the best level of care for
patients and families coping with addiction.

Phone:  949-922-3616

Clinical Outreach Representative and Family Program Coordinator

Layla Peterson

“I have watched men and woman gain much more than just sobriety. The magic is seeing the independence, grace, and dignity obtained throughout their recovery journey.” –Layla Peterson

Layla is a Clinical Outreach Assistant and Family Program Coordinator. Layla has been in the recovery field since 2010 and brings her own passion for recovery to work every day by sharing her experiences with those still suffering. Layla understands that this is a “family disease” and has an awareness of the importance of the healing process for not only the clients, but the families as well.

Phone:  949-554-0404


Clinical Outreach Representative – Southern California

Tiffany Cain

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In those choices lie our growth and our happiness.” -Steven Covey

Tiffany has a tremendous love for animals and a passion for conserving
marine life. Tiffany is grateful to be part of the CRC Health family and is rewarded every day that she gets to engage those in need and provide solutions.

Tiffany graduated from the University of San Diego where she studied Strategic Negotiations and Communications. Tiffany spent three years in the Pharmaceutical industry but never gave up on her passion for volunteering and helping the community.


Clinical Outreach Representative – Dallas

Jennifer Ham

“It is a great privilege that fills me with joy to be able to help those I cross paths with who are suffering from addiction. The rewarding benefit of helping and guiding a patient and family during this time is priceless.” - Jennifer Ham

Jennifer is the Clinical Outreach Specialist  for the state of Texas.  Jennifer graduated from the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University with a marketing degree.  Jennifer previously worked in pharmaceutical sales with a focus in pediatric and adolescent care.