Ecstasy, MDMA, Molly, and Sassafras – Ecstasy Information


Sober Living by the Sea can help you overcome addiction to ecstasy and club drugs.

Ecstasy is a drug that has done a lot of damage (including causing fatal overdoses) but somehow has escaped the level of negative stigma we feel it deserves.

Ecstasy, MDMA, Molly, and Sassafras

In the last decade, we’ve seen such an overwhelming increase of young men and women  needing treatment for club drugs (and prescription meds or “pharmies), that we’ve had quite an education into the various formulations of certain substances.

Ecstasy is a drug that has done a lot of damage (including causing fatal overdoses) but somehow has escaped the level of negative stigma we feel it deserves.  It should be mentioned in the same breath as “crack and heroin” but somehow is considered a harmless and “fun” party drug.  The only positive distinction we could make compared to harder street drugs like coke or heroin is that ecstasy is not as habit forming or addictive. However, many of the young men and women we treat for drug addiction tell us their primary drug of choice is ecstasy.

Symptoms of Depression in Treatment and the Relationship with Ecstasy

As we go through our assessments of our clients and we treat men and women for symptoms of depression during early recovery, amphetamines and drugs like ecstasy commonly mentioned as drugs of choice by those in need of mood stabilization.

Types of Ecstasy – Molly and Sassafras

Being that ecstasy is illegal, whatever is sold on the black market is totally unverifiable. It is common to hear of an amphetamine (like cheap home made meth) being mixed with heroin (or any other substance) and called ecstasy (which is much more expensive).

So of course, buyer beware.

These days, people are seeking out and taking what they think is “molly” which they think is “pure” or “uncut” MDMA (the chemical that makes up ecstasy).  Molly is known to be yellowish in color and have a licorice smell.

According to, molly is a nickname that developed to abbreviate the word “molecule.”  Also note that erowid responsibly points out that:

“anytime a slang term develops which is intended to be used for the purest form of a substance, it quickly becomes used for all forms of the substance as every dealer wants their product to sound as pure and high quality as possible. “

To point out the obvious: just because you’re buying drugs in powder form doesn’t mean that they are any more pure.  In fact, if you think about it, what would be easier for a unscrupulous drug dealer to “cut” – a container of powder or pre pressed pills?


MDMA is derived from the essential oils of the sassafras tree. We have done some research and seen that there are accounts people ingesting the sassafras root (orally and by smoking) to get high.

However, the sassafras that is making the rounds at the electronic music and concert circuit seems to be a version of MDMA like molly – maybe exactly like molly or a similar “precursor” to MDMA. According to Wikipedia:

 Commercial “sassafras oil” generally is a by-product of camphor production in Asia or comes from related trees in Brazil. Safrole is a precursor for the clandestine manufacture of the drug MDMA (ecstasy), and as such, its transport is monitored internationally.

The next time someone offers you ecstasy, molly, or sassafras, just remember that ecstasy overdoses happen all the time.  If you choose to take the drug, do so carefully and in small doses. Stay hydrated and keep someone with you who can monitor your well being in case the paramedics need to be summoned to revive you (or if they are too late,  to cart you off to the morgue and notify your parents).