Treatment Facilities – Drug Rehab in Orange County California on the Beach

Admitting to a drug rehab is a big decision. Our facilities are widely regard as one of the best centers for alcoholism and chemical dependency in the U.S. When a person in need of help commits to getting treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, or an eating disorder with us, it is a decision that will change their life.

Sober Living by the Sea has been successfully treating alcoholism and drug addiction in Newport Beach for over 25 years. Experience has taught us that every client has unique and specific needs. Sober Living by the Sea’s network
of residential rehab facilities (including detox and outpatient treatment in Orange County and greater Southern California) can accommodate the special needs in a caring and supportive manner. Sober Living by the Sea’s world renowned staff is attentive and uses a variety of the latest and most advanced treatment methods to help our clients enter a successful and long term recovery.

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Our centers have grown to encompass many treatment programs and individual facilities. We invite you to click on the links below to learn more about some of our facilities:

Treatment for Women who are battling Alcoholism, Drug Addiction or Eating Disorders, and Dual Diagnosis

  • The Rose for Women
    – an exceptional thirty day women’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment center located just steps from the sand

Treatment for Men and Women who struggle with Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, or Dual Diagnosis

  • Sunrise Recovery Ranch for Men and Women – an acclaimed thirty day co-ed residential primary care drug treatment center in the Southern California foothills) The programs are specific to each gender,
    but the programs may interact with the other gender in some groups and

Treatment for Men who struggle with Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, or Dual Diagnosis

  • The Landing for Men – an exceptionally supportive and exclusive alcohol and drug treatment environment

Sober Living by the Sea has created a wide variety of treatment options
designed to fit the needs of the individual.

Learn More About Our Individualized Treatment Programs

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The Landing of Newport Beach – Private and Luxurious Treatment for Men

Located in Newport Beach, California is an exclusive 30 day private facility for men suffering from the grasp of an addiction.
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Sunrise Recovery-Highly Structured and Supportive Addiction Treatment for Men and Women

For many years, Sunrise Recovery has provided a serene retreat for men and women who are addicted to drugs or alcohol to get a fresh start on their recovery. This treatment center in Riverside is known for it’s high success rate and close monitoring.
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The Rose of Newport Beach – Addiction and Trauma Treatment for Women

The Rose of Newport Beach is an exclusive healing and therapeutic rehab center for women in Southern California situated in the serene beachside community of Newport Beach.
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Long Term Residential Treatment for Addiction and Alcoholism – Orange County, CA

Long Term Residential Treatment in Newport Beach is a great way to create momentum for long term sobriety. Our programs combine gender specific housing with co-ed treatment processes and outdoors activities. This is how men and women make the jump from “getting clean” to “living a sober life (and loving it).”
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