Our preferred interventionists for addiction, alcoholism, and eating disorders. Our treatment center has decades of experience helping families and other concerned individuals plan and execute interventions.

Sometimes the only way that a man or woman who is suffering from addiction and related issues will participate in treatment is when loved ones surround him or her and undertake a well-executed intervention.

A call to Sober Living by the Sea at (866) 323-5609 is the first step in determining whether or not an intervention is necessary and appropriate. From that point forward, our dedicated admissions staff will patiently answer questions and educate the caller about the intervention process. We will make sure to get the caller in touch with an excellent interventionist in their area who can help train the participants and facilitate the type of intervention that will have the highest likelihood of motivating the person suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction to move toward receiving the appropriate treatment.

You Are Not Alone

Millions of people suffer from addiction and alcoholism. Therefore, many millions more are family members, loved ones, and co-workers of those who are chemically dependent. There is a way out and it begins by reaching out for help. Our 23 years of experience, large staff of addiction experts, and proven facilities will be of no benefit to the person who doesn’t pick up the phone and call us. We have created special pages which may help you realize that many before you have come up against this problem, and many will after:

The following are qualified interventionists who can help you help your loved one. They are listed by their “headquarter state,” but most will travel nationally (and beyond) to facilitate an intervention.

Keith Fierman                               Call Keith at 205-533-2489
Dr. Janice Blair                             Call Janice at 602-460-5464


Dirk Eldredge                                Call Dirk at 310-990-3008
Ken Seeley – Intervention 911    Call Ken at 619-245-1041
Susan DeKom                               Call Susan at 877-242-6450
Nanette Zumwalt                         Call Nanette at 800-910-9299
Dr. George Patterson                  Call Dr. George at 818-506-1100
Dr. James Tracy                           Call Jim at 760-880-9190
Russel Arnett                                Call Russel at (951) 852-6053

Michael Ferguson with Ferguson Behavioral Health Consulting is an excellent resource for families with questions about interventions and treatment.  Call him at 800-624-2650.

Paul Gallant                                  Call Paul at 203-521-1949

John Southworth                         Call John at 1-866-460-9014

Mike Appel                                    Call Mike at 617-407-7286

Jeff and Debra Jay                       Call Jeff and Debra at 1-888-220-4400

Assistance In Recovery               Call 800-561-8158

Judy Garcia R.N, L.C.S.W.          Call Judith at 314-647-3558

Dr. Joseph Bradley                       Call Dr. Bradley at 702-839-8389

Doug Lyons, CADC II                  Call Doug at 503-490-2273

Michael Bickers                           Call Michael at 214-366-2288

Tom McCullom, LCSW, LSAC    Call Tom at 801-750-2641

Scott & Jenny Graham              Call Scott & Jenny at 360-387-6821