Narcan Overdose Rescue Kit Available for Family Members of Opiate Addicts

Narcan rescue kits can be “sprayed” into the nose of an overdosing user of opiate drugs (like OxyContin, Vicodin, or heroin) and keep them breathing and alive.

Each year, overdose deaths from heroin and prescription drugs like OxyContin outnumber fatalities from murder, hepatitis or AIDS.  We are constantly concerned as we watch  the increase in fatal overdoses in Orange County (particularly in Newport Beach and other “beach cities.”

Now, public health workers and private citizens in many states have a weapon to combat opiate drug overdoses – a rescue kit that can save a life – for less than $10.  The rescue kit contains a prepackaged dose of an antidote drug called Narcan (the brand name for naloxone).  When administered as a nasal spray within minutes of an overdose, Narcan can restore breathing (the cause of death in a drug overdose is usually loss of respiratory function).