Outpatient Rehab Program

Outpatient drug treatment and rehab programs work well for men and women with a stable home environment and a support system in place that allows them to live at home and get drug rehab treatment during the days or at night.

Gen. Barry McCaffrey (Ret.)

Click the photo of Gen. Barry McCaffrey (Ret.) to view a video of the former director of the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy discussing the benefits of treatment at Sober Living by the Sea.

Outpatient treatment has proved to be highly effective as either a primary treatment source or as a step-down program following residential care.

Clients who participate in our outpatient rehab program benefit from our 20-plus years of building relationships with therapists in the Orange County and Southern California area.

We may recommend that additional treatment occur with a clinical professional who has special training for a client’s specific issues.

Drug Treatment Center Certification and Court Approval

Sober Living by the Sea is a licensed and state-certified court and probation-approved drug and alcoholism treatment facility. We routinely send monthly progress reports and urinalysis results to the courts and probation departments.

We have successfully helped thousands of clients through our program and we provide them the foundation to remain clean and sober and become productive members of their communities. We have a staff of over 80 people with the entire spectrum of academic qualifications (MD, Ph.D, MA, CADC, CACDC, CCGC, CEDC, CADE, CATS).

Learn about our Outpatient Program by Speaking to Our Staff

Contact Sober Living by the Sea by calling 866.323.5609 to speak with our team of addictions and legal experts about arranging the appropriate outpatient rehab treatment program for you or your loved one.

We can start the process of verifying insurance coverage and perform an “over the phone” basic assessment when you place your first call to us.  If you are more comfortable, you can just discuss confidentially your situation and history of drug use (or that of your loved one).

Our treatment center admissions staff is committed to providing you support, and will clearly explain the next steps in helping you through the outpatient treatment program requirements and treatment planning process.

We will make a careful assessment as to whether outpatient is the appropriate level of care and make arrangements for a treatment program that corresponds with your situation.