OxyContin Rehab in California – Opiate Medication Addiction Treatment

OxyContin is potentially deadly and belongs to a class of opioid medications for which we’ve actually created specialized programs to treat men and women who are addicted to them. This drug can be accurately described as legalized heroin and we rue the day it hit the market in the US.

Oxycodone was developed
originally by a German pharmaceutical company as a “less euphoric”
alternative to heroin. The intent was to provide a drug with many of
the positive and therapeutic benefits of heroin and morphine, but less
of the euphoric effects that led heroin and morphine to be widely

OxyContin is the highest profile and most
recognizable oxycodone-based medication. It derives its name from
manufacturer Purdue Pharma’s intention to create an oxycodone-based
drug that would continuously release over the course of several hours.
This “continuous” release was intended to prevent users from abusing
the drug while maximizing its narcotic painkiller properties. But users
have found that they can circumvent this safeguard by crushing up the
medication or taking it intravenously.

Street nicknames for
OxyContin are Killers, OC, Orange County, Oxy, OxyCotton, Oxy80
(referring to the 80 mg tablet), Beans, Rushbo, and Hillbilly Heroin.

Use of OxyContin Becomes Abuse and Finally an Addiction

can quickly become physically and psychologically addicted to
OxyContin, which reduces pain and relaxes both the physical body and
the mind. OxyContin addiction is growing rapidly among prescription
drug users, most likely because it is readily prescribed for many
different types of pain problems.

Users of OxyContin
will become irritable and manufacture excuses to obtain prescriptions
for OxyContin (or find ways to obtain it illegally).

Some symptoms of addiction to OxyContin include:

  • Mood Swings – a user may be passive and withdrawn one minute and angry or hostile the next.
  • Personality Changes – a normally content or well-adjusted person becomes   depressed and/or uncommunicative.
  • Defensiveness – blaming or claiming to be persecuted or victimized.
  • Overly Emotional – bouts of manic happiness and extreme depression or hostility.
  • Strained Communication – unwillingness or inability to discuss important issues or concerns.
  • Withdrawal
    from Family Activities – refusing to eat at family meals, participating
    in celebrations or holidays, or making any adjustments to family life.
  • Lack
    of Self-Discipline – not participating in the usual routines and
    activities that the addicted individual once regularly partook in.
  • Anxious Behavior – Chronic jittery, jerky, or uneven movements, fearfulness, compulsiveness, and talkativeness.

Mixing OxyContin with Alcohol – A Deadly Combination

The men and women who arrive here in Southern California to receive
rehab treatment from us after becoming addicted to OxyContin might have
only experimented with alcohol prior to their OxyContin addiction.
These adults may have used alcohol responsibly for most of their lives,
but the combination of alcohol and OxyContin heightens the effect and
is exponentially more dangerous than using either drug alone.  This is
one of the reasons that accidental prescription drug deaths are on the rise.

Individualized and Effective Treatment Programs for OxyContin Addiction

We have been treating addiction for over 23 years here in Orange
County, California.  Our addiction treatment experts know the special
challenges OxyContin users bring to our drug treatment center in
Newport Beach, CA. The treatment program at our drug treatment center
will be personalized to the needs of the OxyContin-addicted

We find that the user is often in denial of
the addiction and the harm that it is causing themselves and their
loved ones. We have also found that the OxyContin-addicted person will
benefit from a medically assisted or drug detoxification process.

OxyContin-addicted individual often doesn’t think their oxycodone abuse
is as serious of an addiction as the other clients who are addicted to
harder “street drugs” (like cocaine, heroin, and crystal
methamphetamine). We feel that OxyContin addiction is just as serious
and potentially deadly as any other substance.

Also, we
have found that the 12 Step-based recovery program we utilize for
alcoholic drinkers and illicit drug abusers will also benefit those who
are chemically dependent on OxyContin. Many recovering
oxycodone-dependent individuals will be tempted to relapse, and may
suffer from depression in their early abstinence. Our treatment team is
highly trained in identifying developing complications during treatment
and can effectively address those complications as they arise.

If you have a loved one who you suspect is abusing OxyContin, please read the section of our website that is dedicated to the families of those suffering from addiction, and also our advice about what to say to a loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Painless Oxycontin Detoxification and Early Abstinence

A safe and rapid opiate detoxification
process like the one offered at our drug and alcohol treatment center
in Newport Beach can assist with the withdrawal and pain of detoxing
from OxyContin use. Medical developments have led to our implementation
of a Suboxone detox, which offers one of the most painless
detoxifications from OxyContin possible. Suboxone is a brand name for
an opioid receptor blocker called buprenorphine, which is also
ingestable in tablet form during the first few months of oxycodone

The acute withdrawal phase is often
followed by a protracted phase of depression and insomnia that can last
for months. At our treatment center here in Southern California, the
recovering OxyContin user is guided supportively through the program of
recovery in order to overcome their psychological addiction while
simultaneously reducing their level of physical addiction.

Watch Our Welcome Video Guide for Families:

Be sure to check out our addiction treatment program video  for clients and families. It will explain how the process of receiving treatment here with us in Newport Beach will work.

This video will give an overview of what you can expect once you or
your loved one arrives at one of the Sober Living by the Sea facilities
here in Orange County (or at the Sunrise Recovery Ranch in the California Foothills).