Admissions And Clinical Staff

James Bailey, M.Ed, M.H.A.

Executive Director

James has been in the Behavioral Health field for over 18 years and his reputation has been built upon providing the highest quality care by creating an environment where both patient and provider feel secure and communicate openly and honestly. Among other facilities, James has previously managed Cottonwood Treatment Center in South Salt Lake (Utah) and The Camp Recovery Center in Santa Cruz (California).

James oversees the entire Sober Living by the Sea network of treatment centers in Southern California, including The Rose, The Landing, Sunrise Recovery, The Victorian, and the T.E.A.C.H. College Program.

Dr. Valeh Karimkhani, D.O.

Consulting Physician

Dr. Valeh Karimkhani, D.O. is an adolescent and adult psychiatrist, board certified in Addiction Medicine, and founder of Orange County Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Karimkhani serves as Medical Director at Newport Academy providing direct psychiatric care at both the Residential and Intensive Outpatient Program.

Dr. Karimkhani, was born and raised in Denver CO, where she completed her undergraduate studies with a double major in biology and chemistry. She then moved to Texas, and attended medical school at the University of North Texas Health and Science Center, College of Osteopathic Medicine. During her four years at UNT/HSC, Dr. Karimkhani was granted a summer research scholarship and participated in cardiovascular physiology research. Her internship was completed at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, located in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Karimkhani completed her psychiatry residency at University of Colorado Health and Science Center in 2007, with an emphasis in adolescent psychiatry. Since 2007, Dr. Karimkhani has been dedicated to community medicine in both emergency and outpatient settings. She has extensive experience in emergency psychiatry, dual diagnosis, trauma, substance abuse, and adolescent psychiatry.

Dr. Karimkhani is also a Major in the Army Reserves, and has completed two tours of duty in Iraq. She is dedicated to helping and healing our American heroes and soldiers.

Evan Miller, Ph.D

Clinical Director for Extended Care

Dr. Miller specializes in the treatment of addiction from a psychodynamic perspective, taking into account the complex underlying issues in each client’s pathology. Dr. Miller has an extensive background in psychological assessment, evidence-based treatment initiatives, and applied athletic performance enhancement. His research areas include Axis-II personality disorders, archetypal theory, chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders, and depth-oriented sport psychology.

”It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures in life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” – Joseph Campbell

Jerry Brown, PsyD, MFT

Staff Therapist

Jerry Brown has worked over 37 years in the counseling field, and over 25 years in the field of recovery.

Jerry has taught both graduate and undergraduate college courses in the area of counselor training and is the author of Militant Parenting, A Survival Guide For Parents with Problem Kids. Dr. Brown is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

“In sobriety, life gets better and better…don’t quit before the miracle comes.” - Jerry Brown

Sandy Taylor, B.S. CADAC II, CCGC, EDS

Program Administrator, The Rose

Sandy Taylor has over 15 years of experience in chemical dependency
treatment programs, working primarily with women in recovery. With over
21 years of personal recovery, she is extremely qualified to teach by
example the benefits of living a full life in sobriety. Sandy has
helped hundreds of women find a new way of living and taught them how
to work through all the issues that surround early recovery. Her
nurturing and caring demeanor offers women in recovery the opportunity
for personal growth.

“I am dedicated to helping women to stop being ‘prisoners’ of their past and become ‘pioneers’ of their future.” – Sandy Taylor

Tanya Desloover, MFT, CADCII

Program Manager, The Rose

Tanya is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist as well as a Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor.

Tanya joined the Sober Living by the Sea network in 2004 and prior to joining The Rose, she served on staff in the outpatient and extended care programs and served as the Program Director for the Reflections Program for Mature Adults.

Prior to joining our treatment network, Tanya had a 20 year career in pediatric research at Children’s Hospital in Seattle.

“Nothing is more rewarding to me than watching the metamorphosis of recovery.” – Tanya Desloover

Stephen Mercurio

Director of Academic Development

Stephen has a diverse teaching background and has taught early childhood, adolescents and young adult students. Stephen is an active member of the local 12-step community and his personal and professional experience with recovering individuals is extensive. Stephen believes a strong foundation in a recovery program is the keystone of achieving academic success.

Stephen’s goal with every T.E.A.C.H. Client is to provide every opportunity to continue or begin their education while in treatment. Whether it is starting college, finishing high school, or taking vocational classes, Stephen works closely with each client to help them achieve their individual academic goals.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Dr. Joseph Bradley, M.S., D.C., DACACD

Director of Integrative Medicine and Family Services

Dr. Bradley is a dynamic and engaging speaker on various motivational, health-related and self-improvement topics. Dr. Bradley is one of the main facilitators of our monthly Family Program. Dr. Bradley is an ACACD Board Certified Addictionologist. He has a Masters of Science in Substance Abuse Counseling and Education. Dr. Bradley brings a holistic approach to both his work and teachings.

Dr. Bradley is an Interventionist who consults, teaches and/or performs Interventions across the United States. In addition, he is an Adjunct Professor and has taught the Physiology of Addiction, Body Systems, Medical Terminologies, Psychopharmacology of Addiction and the Family System of Addiction.

Dr. Bradley’s approach is non-narcotic, abstinence based treatment. As such, he discusses the role of nutrition, diet, and the use of nutriceuticals in recovery.

Kim Homan, MS, CADC II

Program Director, Sunrise Recovery

Kim Homan has worked in the substance abuse field since 2005. Kim has experience in counseling, supervision, and program development. Prior to joining Sunrise Recovery, Kim was Regional Director for Forterus Heatlh (a.k.a A Better Tomorrow). Kim has a Masters of Science degree in Counseling Psychology for California Baptist University, a Bachelors degree in Psychology from University of Phoenix, and she is State certified with CAADAC as CADC II counselor.

“I have dedicated my life to ‘seeing the light come on’ in the eyes of those who have lost themselves in their addiction.” – Kim Homan

Becky Gordon, RN

Registered Nurse

Becky is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelors degree in Nursing. She has clinical experience in a variety of nursing specialties including medical/surgical, psychiatric/mental health, neonatal/pediatric, and community health nursing. Becky’s goal in working with people in recovery is to make them feel physically comfortable so that they can concentrate on the mental and emotional aspects of getting well. She enjoys being a part of the client’s pathway to health and strives to be a resource to any person who is need of care.

“There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something better tomorrow.” -Orison Swett Marden

Michelle Smith, LVN

Program Director, The Victorian for Eating Disorders

Michelle has a strong background in addiction, nutrition, anxiety disorders, depression, and psychiatric illness.

Michelle works closely with the women at The Victorian (as well as their families) during the treatment process to make sure that the woman will get the best possible chance at recovery that treatment can provide.

“When women come to our treatment program… they have lost their feelings (good and bad). To see the light that comes on in their eyes as they leave the darkness of their disease is what keeps me going.” – Michelle Smith

Kim Simmons, M-RAS-Counselor

IOP Manager

Kim Simmons has 7 years of experience in the alcohol and drug recovery field. Kim is passionate about recovery and believes that our natural state is joy when we are in balance. Kim also believes that the body is a self healing mechanism if we give it an environment to heal. Addiction is a disease of mind, body and spirit and requires a three-fold recovery of mind, body and spirit as well. Kim is a Registered Addiction Specialist and a Co-Occuring Disorders Specialist. Kim has a BA in Psychology from CSUF, and is certified to work with victims of domestic violence. She has Reiki Master certification as well.

“Effectiveness is the measure of truth” – Kim Simmons

Jennifer DeVore, M.A.,MFTI

Program Director, Extended Care

Jennifer entered the behavioral health field in 2004. Her roles have included implementing direct intervention with clients, case supervision, individualized programming, parent training, and program development.

Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State University, East Bay. Her passion for working with families, individuals, and couples led her to pursue a Masters degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy from Pepperdine University.

Jennifer truly enjoys working with her clients to facilitate a safe and open environment for change and growth.

“It is truly amazing to witness an individual connect their experience with their emotions and begin a new journey with recovery” - Jennifer Devore

Jonathan W. Brown

T.E.A.C.H. Academic Program Coordinator

Jon has lived the life of a young adult regaining his life from addiction. After many failed attempts at sobriety, Jon embraced recovery and the 12 Steps. While living in a recovery house, Jon was employed earning a promotion and several raises. As Jon progressed in recovery, he was hired as an employee by Sober Living by the Sea. Jon took the initiative and attended preparation classes and completed his high school education and began his college education. Jon leads by example and with honesty. He won’t tell you every day is easy. Jon will tell you how great it is to learn and have a future.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Eric Van Den Noort, LAADC, CADC-II, ICADC

Health and Safety Officer

Eric van den Noort has over 12 years of personal recovery and has worked in the Chemical Dependency Field for over 8 years. Eric enjoys sportfishing in his spare time. Eric has been known to take our clients with him on his fishing trips and you can read a little bit about that experience here, and also read a letter from a parent to Eric here.

Eric has one of the most popular recovery themed twitter accounts around check it out: @Eric_Vand. It is a source of inspiration for many of our current and former clients and staff.

“It is my hope to guide our clients to place where they can connect with a passion for life rather then the illusionary state of alcohol and drugs”.- Eric van den Noort

Scott Sandland

Certified Hypnotherapist

Scott Sandland, C.Ht. is a highly sought out practitioner for medical
and dental applications of hypnosis. He has risen to a level of
expertise that has attracted the attention of hospitals, private
practice doctors and drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.

has worked with many clinicians in the fields of pain control and
addictions. His success has lead to a position on the board of directors
for the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and a
chapter presidency for the International Association of Counselors and
Therapists. With his commitment to continued education for himself and
his peers, Scott is a Mentor for members of the International Medical
and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

Scott is a dynamic speaker with
extensive skills in hypnosis and NLP, as demonstrated in his classes
and workshops. In his private sessions as well as during group
processes, Scott keeps his focus on helping the individual achieve their
goals and find the resources need to be successful.

Ian Chamberlain

Activities Director

Ian has been working with recovering individuals for years. He believes that it is important to show alcoholics and addicts that you can (and must) have fun in sobriety. Ian takes the program of recovery very seriously but also knows how to have a great time doing it.

Ian designs and facilitates the activities schedule for our Extended Care program and knows that he can be instrumental in showing newly sober individuals how gratifying life can be without drugs or alcohol.

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.” - AA Wisdom

Danielle Farnsworth, CADC-II, CATC, ICADC

Director of Insurance and Facility Licensing Compliance

Danielle is a force of nature when it comes to dealing with insurance and overseeing facility licensing compliance. She has been working in the field of treatment for a decade in a wide variety of roles including Program Director for residential treatment centers and a detox.

Danielle served on the CAADAC Board of Directors and served as the Quality Assurance Chairperson for CAADAC.

“I am dedicated to providing quality client care through continually improving all facets of insurance and facility licensing compliance. I take pride in fighting for treatment services through the insurance companies (on behalf of our clients).” – Danielle Farnsworth

Jessica Donald

Intake Coordinator

Jessica has worked at Sober Living since 2010 and has an extreme passion for helping people with the disease of addiction. Her greatest asset is by far her personal experience and with that comes great understanding and compassion. Jessica’s goal and main purpose here is to make a difference and help save someone’s life.

“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” -Helen Keller

Kelly Kettle

Weekland Operations Manager

Kelly is one of our most passionate community staff members who
never fails to inspire a smile and a laugh when works with the men and
women in our program. He is a frequent contributor to our blog and an
inspiration for those who want to stay sober and work a program of

“I watch as people’s fear becomes less and their hopes and dreams become a reality- Bam!” – Kelly Kettle

Joyce Patrick

Tai Chi Instructor

Joyce, a native Californian, is a long time practitioner as well as a student of Tai Chi Chuan. As the owner of a local martial arts school, the practice of Tai Chi keeps her focused and relaxed while often providing avenues for her to give back to the community. Joyce is a detail oriented and a patient instructor, whether working with clients as groups or individuals. Her martial arts and communications training coupled with her natural talent for making people feel at ease transform the atmosphere of her classes bringing relaxation to her students.

“This is exactly what people in recovery need” – a client after her first class with Joyce.

Caroline Campbell, HCHT

Music Therapist

Caroline is passionate about bringing therapeutic harp music to those in recovery. She is a trained certified harp therapist, and also studies and performs classical harp. While harp therapists typically work in hospital settings, Caroline has brought harp therapy to rehabilitation centers, working at The Renfrew Center in Philadelphia as well as state psychiatric centers in Pennsylvania before moving to California. Her harp therapy groups combine calming harp music with deep breathing, meditation and guided imagery for a truly peaceful experience.

“Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.” -William Congreve

CRC Clinical Advisory Board

Dr. Kathleen T. Brady, MD, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina, Research

General McCaffrey stepped down as the Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) in January 2001. He was confirmed to the position by unanimous vote of the U.S. Senate in February 1996 and served as a member of the President’s Cabinet and the National Security Council for drug-related issues. As ONDCP Director, he coordinated the $19 billion federal drug control budget and developed the U.S. National Drug Control Strategy.

General McCaffrey is active in national and international security affairs. He co-chaired the Atlantic Council of the United States NATO Counterterrorism Working Group, leading a delegation to Moscow, Mons, Brussels and Warsaw. In 2008, he participated as member of the Secretary of Public Safety Genaro Garcia Luna’s Council of International Experts which concentrates on Mexico’s national security within their police and government agencies. In 2004, he addressed the “Security of the Americas Conference” in Mexico City and met with senior officials of the Mexican Government. In April 2004, General McCaffrey helped release the CSIS Bi-national Commission Reports on Migration and Border Security. In February 2002, General McCaffrey visited Cuba and participated in a small group session with Fidel and Raul Castro discussing U.S.-Cuba policies. His article on Cuba can be found at General McCaffrey periodically conducts political-military evaluations of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kuwait, Colombia, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia. His After Action Reports on all these trips are available at

Among the honors he has received are: Health and Human Services Lifetime Achievement Award For Extraordinary Achievement in the Field of Substance Abuse Prevention (2004); recognized as one of the 500 Most Influential People in American Foreign Policy by World Affairs Councils of America (2004); the Department of State’s Superior Honor Award for the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks; the Central Intelligence Agency Great Seal Medallion; the United States Coast Guard Distinguished Public Service Award; the NAACP Roy Wilkins Renown Service Award; the Norman E. Zinberg Award of the Harvard Medical School; the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation’s National Service Award; the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America Lifetime Achievement Award; and decorations from France, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela. Also, General McCaffrey was given the National Leadership Award by the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (2007); Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) “Golden Eagle” recognition (2007); inducted into the US Army Ranger Hall of Fame at US Army Infantry Center, Ft. Benning, GA (2007); The Lifetime of Achievement Award at the American Red Cross Annual Fire & Ice Ball in Washington, DC (2008). Southwest Association of Buffalo Soldiers’ “Spirit of the Buffalo Soldier Award” (2008); the W. Stuart Symington Award from the Air Force Association (2008); the National Narcotics Officers’ Associations’ Coalition’s J Dennis Hastert Lifetime Achievement Award (2009); and the “Footsie” Britt Award by The Society of the 30th Infantry Regiment (2010); Government Security News Extraordinary Leadership & Service in Homeland Security Award (2010).

Prior to confirmation as the National Drug Policy Director, General McCaffrey served as the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces Southern Command coordinating national security operations in Latin America. During his military career, he served overseas for thirteen years and completed four combat tours. He commanded the 24th Infantry Division (Mech) during the Desert Storm 400-kilometer left hook attack into Iraq. At retirement from active duty, he was the most highly decorated four-star general in the U.S. Army. He twice received the Distinguished Service Cross, the nation’s second highest medal for valor. He was also awarded two Silver Stars and received three Purple Heart medals for wounds sustained in combat. General McCaffrey served as the assistant to General Colin Powell and supported the Chairman as the JCS advisor to the Secretary of State and the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.
Effective 15 February 2011.

Cardwell C. Nuckols, Author, Former Clinician, Program Director and Hospital Administrator


Dr. Cardwell C. Nuckols has been described as “one of the most influential clinical and spiritual trainers in North America.” Dr. Nuckols’ passion and mission is to assist in the integration of emerging scientific research with traditional spiritual and self-help knowledge.

Dr. Nuckols is widely published, having authored more than 60 journal articles, 30 books and workbooks, 50 DVDs, CDs and videos, and 25 audiotape series. His latest publication is a best seller entitled The Ego-Less SELF: Achieving Peace and Tranquility Beyond All Understanding. He is the author of the book Healing an Angry Heart (HCI) and video Chalk Talk on Drugs with Father Martin (Kelly Productions).

Two of the audio tape and DVD series- “Discovery To Recovery” and “Psychology, Spirituality and True Happiness”- are devoted to spiritual recovery and transcendence. Neurobiology for Addiction and Mental Health Clinicians and The Science of Recovery: An Advanced Clinical Symposium were released in 2010 as DVD and CD sets. A series of workbooks on “Adolescent Disruptive Behavior” and a CD on “Anger Management” has been released by Hazelden Publications as a part of their Adolescent Co-occurring Disorder Series.

Dr. Nuckols’ other recent works include four DVDs entitled The Evidence Based Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders, A Research Based Approach To The Treatment of Anger, & Aggression In Early Recovery, Treating Early Life Trauma Related Issues In Early Recovery From Addictive Disorders and The Science Based Treatment of Addictive Disorders. He has completed a four part video/DVD series especially designed for alcoholics and addicts in criminal justice and other treatment settings entitled “Breaking the Chains” of Addiction; Using Science to Aid Recovery and has expanded “Breaking the Chains” with a two DVD/video series on Overcoming Anger and Aggression and Overcoming Early Life Trauma and Neglect.

For over 35 years, he has served the healthcare industry in multiple capacities as a clinician, supervisor, program director and hospital administrator. He currently serves as an advisor to Quantum Immunologics, Inc. a pharmaceutical research company devoted to new technologies for treating cancer. Dr Nuckols has consulted and trained with Labor Assistance Professionals (LAP), Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA), The Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO), United Auto Workers, Stouffers, Boeing, DuPont, General Motors, Bechtel-Bettis, Ford Motor Company, United Airlines and other industries in the area of enhancing productivity. He served as a trainer and consultant to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), federal court systems, and branches of the armed forces specializing in the areas of antisociality, violence, and trauma.

David Powell, PhD, CCS, LADC, LMFT

President of The International Center for Health Concerns, Inc. and the Clinical Supervision Institute, Author

Dr. David Powell is President of the International Center for Health Concerns, Inc., and the Clinical Supervision Institute and has trained for the past 34 years on clinical supervision and other topics in 50 states and 87 countries. His nine books and over 150 articles on health care and substance abuse are major texts in the field and his book, Clinical Supervision in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling (2004) is considered the primary book on the subject in the substance abuse field. He was the chair and lead author of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, Treatment Improvement Protocol #52 on clinical supervision. He serves on the editorial board of five journals, including The Clinical Supervisor, and The Addiction Treatment Quarterly. He holds four master’s degrees in psychology, counseling, Islamic Studies, and medical ethics. He was a resident graduate at Harvard University and holds a doctoral degree in counseling and psychology. He served on advisory boards of Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins University and taught at Princeton and Yale Universities. Dr. Powell served as Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine and Senior Advisory for Yale University Behavioral Health Program, Department of Psychiatry. He has also served on the Board of Directors for the Asia Pacific Certification Board and the Middle East Certification Board. In 2009 he was given the President’s Award by the National Association of Addiction Professionals for his lifetime contribution to the addictions field.

Dr. Powell has been in the counseling field since 1965 and is a certified clinical supervisor in the alcohol and drug abuse and in sex therapy fields. He is a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor, licensed marriage and family therapist, and Diplomat in the International Academy of Behavioral Medicine and Psychotherapy. He is one of a hundred persons in the US that began the EAP movement in 1972 and started in 1972 the first state EAP for New Jersey and 55,000 state employees and 110,000 municipal employees. He was a founding member of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association.

Gerald Shulman, MA, MAC, FACATA

President of Shulman & Associates, Training & Consulting in Behavioral Health

Gerald Shulman, President of Shulman & Associates, Training & Consulting in Behavioral Health for the last 17 years, is a clinical psychologist, Master Addiction Counselor and Fellow of the American College of Addiction Treatment Administrators. He has been providing treatment or clinically or administratively supervising and/or managing the delivery of care to alcoholics and drug addicts full time since 1962. He provides training and consulting in behavioral health, with an emphasis on the implementation and use of the ASAM PPC-2R, of which he is an author, providing quality treatment in a managed care environment, re-engineering treatment to be evidenced-based, assessment, outcomes-driven treatment and older adults with substance use disorders. He was an author of the ASAM Supplement on Pharmacotherapy for Alcohol Use Disorders (Lippincott) and a Workgroup Facilitator for CSAT’s TIP #26, Substance Abuse among Older Adults. He also is the clinical supervisor for the Jacksonville BRITE Project, a Screening and Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT), the only SAMHSA funded effort specifically for older adults.

Administrative Staff

Paige Germany Willard, BA

Director of Business Development

Paige Germany Willard is our Director of Business Development. Paige understands the disease of addiction and is driven to help the families in need get the help they deserve. Paige has been active in the recovery community since 2001.

Paige previously worked in marketing and advertising for ABC network in Dallas, Texas. She graduated magna cum laude from Millsaps College.

Hope Ferguson, BA

Clinical Outreach Representative for Southern California

Hope Ferguson is the Clinical Outreach Representative for Southern
California. Hope previously worked in pharmaceutical and medical sales
and has an extensive background in business development. Hope also
has a personal family background with chemical dependency. Hope is
very passionate about facilitating access to the best level of care for
patients and families coping with addiction.

“It is such a gift of trust when I am asked to help provide guidance during
the fragile moments at the beginning of a suffering person’s journey.
The rewards are boundless when I am able witness the transformation as
someone embraces their recovery. ” - Hope Ferguson

Layla Peterson

Clinical Outreach Representative and Family Program Coordinator

Layla is a Clinical Outreach Assistant and Family Program Coordinator. Layla has been in the recovery field since 2010 and brings her own passion for recovery to work every day by sharing her experiences with those still suffering. Layla understands that this is a “family disease” and has an awareness of the importance of the healing process for not only the clients, but the families as well.

“I have watched men and woman gain much more than just sobriety. The magic is seeing the independence, grace, and dignity obtained throughout their recovery journey.” –Layla Peterson

Tiffany Cain

Clinical Outreach Representative – Southern California

Tiffany has a tremendous love for animals and a passion for conserving
marine life. Tiffany is grateful to be part of the CRC Health family and is rewarded every day that she gets to engage those in need and provide solutions.

Tiffany graduated from the University of San Diego where she studied Strategic Negotiations and Communications. Tiffany spent three years in the Pharmaceutical industry but never gave up on her passion for volunteering and helping the community.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In those choices lie our growth and our happiness.” -Steven Covey

Jennifer Ham

Clinical Outreach Representative – Dallas

Jennifer is the Clinical Outreach Specialist for the state of Texas. Jennifer graduated from the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University with a marketing degree. Jennifer previously worked in pharmaceutical sales with a focus in pediatric and adolescent care.

“It is a great privilege that fills me with joy to be able to help those I cross paths with who are suffering from addiction. The rewarding benefit of helping and guiding a patient and family during this time is priceless.” - Jennifer Ham