Personalized Drug Rehab Center on the Beach in Orange County, CA

At Sober Living by the Sea Treatment Centers, we recognize each client as an individual. We know each man and woman has specific needs and no two people are alike. We offer clients better options than living life in emotional turmoil… options they may never have been aware of before visiting our centers.

We offer several treatment programs or “tracks” to healing:


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 Some Programs:

  • Drug & Alcohol Extended Care – Offering treatment of chemical dependency and ongoing treatment needs.
  • Outpatient ProgramThrough
    referrals to Orange County area facilities and therapists, an
    outpatient program offers persons seeking alcohol and drug treatment
    the flexibility to work and accomplish recovery goals, while residing
    outside of an inpatient facilitiy.
  • Transitional Work ProgramA highly monitored program that allows the client the opportunity to work and participate in treatment.
  • T.E.A.C.H.A college-accredited program for continued education while in treatment.
  • Dual Diagnosis TrackWhen more than one diagnosis is present.
  • Family ProgramsBecause addiction affects every member of a chemically dependent person’s family, we have programs in place to help them heal.
  • Sunrise Recovery RanchA 30-day, co-ed men and women’s treatment facility. The programs are specific to each gender,
    but the programs may interact with the other gender in some groups and
  • Treatment for Eating DisordersOffering
    specially trained professionals to treat bulimia and anorexia nervosa,
    and the underlying causes of these debilitating diseases.
  • The Rose for WomenAn exclusive, healing and therapeutic rehabilitation retreat for women.
  • Celebrate Recovery A spiritual exploration into treatment that utilizes the client’s own religious belief system.
  • Reflections Adult Program A specially designed program, with a daily schedule created to fit the specific needs of the more mature client.

Long-Term Recovery Begins at Our Treatment Centers

After 23 years of treating chemically dependent adults, we have seen
that there is a direct correlation between time spent in a supervised
treatment environment and long-term abstinence. In fact, time spent in
treatment is the most favorable indicator of long-term sobriety.

Another critical factor is that the person who needs help must
receive the appropriate level of treatment. We have created various
recovery programs for men and women of all ages so that we have the
flexibility to personalize the treatment we provide to the exact needs
of our clients. It is beneficial for the men and women who come here to
Southern California to be with others who are at the same stage of

From Primary Care to Extended Care (“Long-Term Rehab”)

In the earliest stage of recovery (“Phase I” or Primary Care), we
find it beneficial for men and women to live in gender-specific
residential facilities with a high level of supervision and structure.
We refer to this stage of treatment as “Phase I” and it typically lasts
from 30 to 60 days.

As the recovering man or woman progresses in their recovery program
and demonstrates the ability to move into a more “real life”
environment, they will transition into our Extended Care program. In
extended care, our clients live in gender-specific housing, but will
participate in treatment and esteem-building recovery activities with members of the opposite sex.

We also have a special program for mature adults (over the age of 35) called the Reflections Program. You can browse through the recovery program schedule to see an example of the types of treatment offered in the Extended Care programs, including:

  • addiction workshops
  • recovery lectures
  • family groups
  • one-on-one and group therapy sessions
  • 12-step recovery meetings

For decades, our extended care program has been the primary
destination for men and women who have completed a “lock down” 28- or
30-day program at another treatment facility. It is important for
people who have one or two months of sobriety to continue their
treatment in an environment that affords them slightly more freedom.
Clients in the extended care program are monitored closely by our staff
of clinicians as well as their house parent. Clients in the extended
care program have a busy schedule of recovery activities and are drug
and alcohol tested every 72 hours.

Treatment is geared to teach clients that there truly
can be a life free of chemical dependency. Clients discover that living
sober is actually more rewarding and even more fun.

We begin by assessing the most appropriate level of care. Treatment
plans are then developed to meet the client’s specific needs and goals.
These plans include three phases: Extended Care, Continuing Care and
Transitional Care.


Beyond Extended Care

As the men and women in our extended care program progress even further into their richly rewarding lives free
from chemical dependency and eating disorders, they will want to resume working or attending school.
Sober Living by the Sea also has programs that allow clients to continue treatment while working or attending
school. The T.E.A.C.H. College Rehab Program is a nationally
recognized, structured college program designed specifically for recovering students to receive transferable
credits from local colleges while participating in a program of recovery. Students in the T.E.A.C.H. program will receive:

  • transportation to and from classes
  • academic transcript assistance
  • career assessment testing
  • career and academic guidance counseling
  • monitored study sessions
  • use of our state-of-the-art computer lab

We also offer a Transitional Work Program for professionals who want to
return to the workforce while continuing a program of recovery. The transitional work program helps men and women
continue their careers and accomplish their professional goals while receiving structure, support, and supervision
from our staff of addiction and eating disorder professionals.

We also have an excellent Outpatient Program available at Sober Living by the
Sea that allows clients to live at home while attending counseling sessions and participating in a structured and effective
recovery program that will help them maintain their sobriety.

Our T.E.A.C.H. Program

SLBTS Treatment Centers are part of our community, we have developed
relationships with other treatment facilities and can work in tandem
when services such as detoxification, acute medical or psychiatric care
are required for clients.

Additionally, we have developed
relationships with Saddleback Community College and other educational
facilities in the area to assist clients achieve their goals of
continuing their education while in treatment.

Through our unique T.E.A.C.H. Program, clients can receive their G.E.D. or diploma from their own high school, and even earn university credits
from an accredited college. This program – or “track” of higher
learning – continues to receive high marks from clients and educational
professionals alike. But this is just one of the many programs we have
available to our clients.

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T.E.A.C.H. Academic Program for Recovering Students

Students return to the classroom by attending classes on campus while residing in a structured treatment environment.
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Family Program

Family counseling is a component of the treatment process at our center. We help family members understand addiction and how to behave in order to help their loved one recover.
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Transitional Work Program

Clients can work during the day or evening while also receiving highly monitored therapeutic treatment in their off hours. Clients can live in our supervised residences.
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Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Center

It is common for a woman or man to admit to our rehab seeking addiction or alcoholism treatment and during the rehabilitation another issues (like depression or an anxiety) presents itself.
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Outpatient Drug Rehab Program – Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, CA

Outpatient rehab (often referred to as “IOP” standing for Intensive Outpatient Program) is our treatment program for men and women do not live in our housing facilities.
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Surf Program Enhances Recovery

Our weekly surf sessions help men and women learn to enjoy a life free from drugs or alcohol. Surfing in the ocean off of Newport Beach does wonders to build the strength of and self esteem of those in treatment.
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Soccer – A Great Way to Have Fun Sober

Good natured competition builds physical strength and self-esteem. Men and women in treatment at our facility benefit greatly from this.
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Fishing Program Enhances Addiction Treatment

Our weekly fishing expeditions help our clients learn to love life free of drugs or alcohol.
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Using Suboxone for Detox

Jay Rau shares his experience witnessing opiate detox “cold turkey” versus managing the discomfort by using the Suboxone titration method. Our detox facility uses Suboxone when safe and appropriate and our treatment centers also have consulting psychiatrists for our clients who need to maintain a dose of Suboxone throughout early sobriety.
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A Closer Look at the Celebrate Recovery Treatment Program

In addition to the Celebrate Recovery Bible, our rehab center also uses the Celebrate Recovery Participant Guides. Additional books that are used is the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and Life’s Healing Choices by John Baker.
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Studies Link Drug Addiction to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

We often come across someone getting help for alcohol or drug addiction and having to process and treat and underlying issue like trauma. The relationship between drugs of addiction and trauma is one where they fuel each other.
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Nutraceuticals: “Integrative Well-Being Program”

Our treatment center uses nutraceuticals to address the biochemical component of addiction recovery. This is one facet of our treatment regimen and enhances the holistic approach we use.
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Vivitrol Shot for Alcoholism Recovery

The Vivitrol shot is integrated into treatment when appropriate to give yet another enhancement to the “perfect blend” of addiction treatment at our facility.
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Vivitrol Shot for Opiate Addiction

Vivitrol is now available in a monthly shot. Vivitrol is a well known enhancement to traditional drug addiction treatment
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Neurofeedback has been a great enhancement to the treatment process. The treatment is fun and challenging as our clients actually learn to control their brain activity by playing a video game with their brain waves!
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