Client Testimonials

A list of testimonials that we receive from our clients who have overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. Since we have been treating people for almost 25 years in Southern California, there are literally thousands of men and women who stay in contact with us and share their experiences of overcoming addiction and alcoholism in our treatment center.

"This is Sarah, a graduate of SLBTS from just last year in August! All is well in my life. I am living in Boca Raton, FL and I am a junior at Lynn University. Surprisingly enough, I am living with Rachel who I met when I was out in California for treatment. We are both 6 months sober and enjoying this new-found healthy and happy lifestyle! We speak of the program often and remember you all fondly. We remember your program as a profoundly positive experience that saved our lives. I hope all is well on the west coast and best wishes!" -- Sarah
"Thank you for giving me my life back. A lot has changed in my life since I arrived at Sober Living by the Sea. On October 2, 2009 I will have 6 years of sobriety. In those 6 years, I have graduated from college, gotten married, enrolled in law school and became a father. I have been married 5 years in February and am in my 2nd year of law school at University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law (one of thew top law schools in the country). My son Anthony was born on July 5 of 2007 and it has been a continual joy being a father. At first blush it seems that I have quite a bit on my plate, but that is what has kept me sober. The more I bite off, the more driven I become. All for being only 27. I thank you for your contact and if you should need me for anything, please do not hesitate to contact me." -- Jeremy C.
"Hello all, how are things in California? I’m still sober from my visit back in 2002. My recovery program is going great and just wish I can tell everyone who may be struggling that that recovery starts anytime when you want it too start ad are willing to take direction. Don’t miss the miracle! Thanks too all the staff for their direction and trust in this new way of life. Double thanks to Barbara Cole on her work and dedication to recovery." -- Sven.
"I left treatment in May 2002 after being in rehab with you guys for 9 months. My sobriety date is 8/31/01. I participated in the T.E.A.C.H. College Program… I hope you can pass along to everyone in that program how incredible my life is now. More about my success: After I finished up the work I started in TEACH program at Orange Coast College, I transferred to Chapman University where I graduated in December of 2006 with a B.S. in Psychobiology (including Psychology Department Honor Rool and Deans List Honor). My graduating GPA was 3.89 which is amazing considering that I was kicked out of Indiana University with a 0.89 GPA for three semesters worth of work. I took the LSAT and did quite well. I was accepted to USC Gould School of Law where I am currently studying. I used to go to the alumni meeting every week (say hi to Bart for me); as a matter of fact, I was the secretary of that meeting for 6 months or so. Now that I’ve moved to LA don’t get into town much. I will be in town this Saturday 9/29/09 to take my 8 year chip at the Charle Street Meeting. Maybe I’ll stop by Sober Living by the Sea. That’s all I’ve got for now, just checking in. Say hi to Johnny O, Chris Swanberg, and anyone else who’s been there since 2001." -- Mark S.
"I want to fill you in on my recovery. I go to a meeting everyday, and I have made many new friends in sobriety. I chair a speaker meeting on Wednesday nights, I have 2 sponsees, I do service work, and I am currently the GSR for my home group on Sunday. I know it is a “we” program and I count on my higher power quite a bit. I couldn’t have done it without the help of your treatment program and wonderful people like David Hickman and Don Peters!! Both men were very influential in my recovery. I see Gianna K occasionally (another Sober Living by the Sea alum) and I recently ran into Tracy S as well. She was finally sober after a 15 month relapse!! Linda N and I talk frequently. She still lives and works in Costa Mesa. She just celebrated 4 years too. We are good friends now but had trouble getting along as roommates! Anyway, you asked for an update, so that’s about all for now. Please tell Don and David I am doing great!" -- Linda C.
"It is difficult to explain in a short letter how much my life has changed since attending the T.E.A.C.H. program and of course Sober Living by the Sea. Like a lot of us my rehab experience started out as a sentence for another probation violation. I guess I was captured by the fellowship when I look back on it. I was totally unwilling when I first got there. What started as an intervention between my sister and my lawyer has turned out to be nothing less than an act of Providence. My educational experience was actually more of the vocational variety put together very well through the T.E.A.C.H. staff. I was completely computer illiterate upon arriving at Sunrise Recovery Ranch on May 17th, 2004. This has remained my sobriety date. I ended up receiving long term care at Sober Living by the Sea until Dec 18, 2004 and started my new job on Dec. 20, 2004 (the same place I’m employed today). The photoshop program and basic computer literacy were a requirement of my current job that learned in the TEACH Program at Saddleback College. I am very grateful today for the experience that changed my whole life!" -- Saul P.
"Hi, my name is Matt R. and I attended Sober living in the winter/spring of 2002. I have not found it necessary to pick up a drink or a drug since. My sobriety date is 1/26/02. Huge influences in my time there were my case manager David Hickman, my first house manager Chris S, and guys like Johnny O, Paul C, and Jeff H. These people along with many others definitely saved my life! Recent highlights in my life over the past year is I married my wife Evelyn on New Year’s Eve and she most recently made me a Dad when she gave birth to our daughter Lillian! Just when I think my life can’t get any better, I wake up sober and it does! I know with all my heart that if I didn’t get the strong foundation I received at your facility then none of this would be possible. I plan on trying to get back out there for a visit sooner or later but for now I will try and send some pictures and if you would please try and show some of the people I mentioned I would appreciate it." -- Matt
"The important thing for me if I’m having an “off” day is always JUST STARTING to change RIGHT NOW beginning with my attitude, and then in action. If I fail, I can always try again. There no real penalty for BEING HUMAN (ie. being imperfect). This is how is all started for me — just STARTING RIGHT NOW to admit my problems and then just give GETTING BETTER a chance RIGHT NOW!" -- Jared L.
I wanted to share how grateful I was after my treatment here. This place has an amazing location and great facilities. The staff gets an “A+ ” because it is constantly committed to serving and assisting clients in all areas of life. The treatment program is purposefully directed toward giving clients the tools to stay sober and guiding them on the correct path. I made lifelong friendships here with not only other clients, but staff as well. These friendships have been essential in my sobriety as I continue to live a life beyond my wildest dreams. I would highly recommend Sober Living by the Sea to anyone that is willing to turn their lives around and is seeking the tools to deal with their addiction." -- B