Humor Corner by Jerry Brown, PsyD, MFT

Dr. Jerry Brown has worked over 42 years in the counseling field, and over 25 years in the field of recovery. Jerry has taught both graduate and undergraduate college courses in the area of counselor training and is the author of Militant Parenting, A Survival Guide For Parents with Problem Kids. Dr. Brown is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Doctor of Clinical Psychology.


AA: Is who you call when you are breaking down and you are ‘A’ little short.

SOBER: A slang word that someone says when they are exceptionally cold, such as “It is Soooo–Burr.”

CLEAN: How you feel after a shower.

CLEAN AND SOBER: How you feel after a cold shower.

INVENTORY: A British soldier in the American Revolution who is responsible for new inventions (an Invent-Tory).

SPONSOR: A man from a royal family who donates to a sperm bank (as in Spawn-Sir).

LETTING GO: What you do when you pass gas.

ABSTAIN: A stain on a person’s stomach or abdominal region.

OBESITY:A couch in an obstetrician’s office (as in “OB- settee”).

SHORTCOMING: Pre-mature ejaculation.

DENIAL: A large river in Egypt

THE STEPS: What you do when you walk

THE 12 STEPS: One more step than 11 and one less than 13.

SERENITY: What the servant says when his master will be back at tea time (as in “Sir, In at Tea”)

12 & 12: One Gross.

HIGHER POWER: Increased engine size.

NEWCOMER: A person who has had their first sexual experience with themselves or another…

Keep Laughing… life is hilarious if you can see the humor everywhere. We don’t stop laughing when we grow old, we grow old because we stop laughing.

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