OxyNEO is Coming – Hurray for Purdue Pharmas Shareholders

Journalists, detectives, and morticians should familiarize themselves with this phrase: death was caused by an overdose of OxyNEO.

The clever marketing team at Purdue Pharma has announced a new drug – OxyNEO. OxyContin will be “discontinued.”

OxyNEO will be available in 2012 and is presumably a marketing ploy to minimize the damage that they have caused – to their reputation.

Of course, Purdue Pharma is not so concerned that they completely changed the name of the drug, so the “Oxy Express” will not have to be renamed.

Here’s some facts that you should know about OxyNEO:

  • OxyNEO will still be made of active ingredient oxycodone
  • OxyNEO will still be addictive
  • OxyNEO will not have an anatgonist (to block the ‘high’)  so it can still be easily abused
  • OxyNEO will still cause overdoses every hour in the united States and destroy families
  • OxyNEO will still lead to heroin addiction (another opiate, which provides basically the same “high”)



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