Sexual Addiction is Getting a lot More Press Lately

Between Tiger Woods, Eliot Spitzer, and John Edwards, the scandal of an affair is fodder for the media. As the public seems to want as many lurid details as it can get, something that may sometimes be overlooked is the fact that sexual addiction is a very real phenomenon and those who suffer from it deserve treatment not ridicule.

A few short days after crashing his automobile in the middle of the night, information would rapidly be revealed that would forever alter the public’s perception of Tiger Woods as a perfect role model, sports personality, husband, and father.

When famous men who seemingly have the world at their disposal engage in an extramarital affair, the world judges them and seems to shake it’s head in unison.  While only a qualified therapist would be able to diagnose whether or not men like Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards and Tiger Woods have a behavioral process addiction to sex,  what are some of Tiger’s behaviors that would seem indicate the presence of Sexual Addiction.

Symptoms of  Sexual Addiction

Although this is not based on a medical evaluation or interview, there are a myriad of facts, evidence, and public testimony that has been presented concerning Tiger Woods’s private life.  Here are some examples of the types of behaviors  that Tiger Woods engaged in that sexual addicts tend to also participate in:

Leading a Double Life – According to Robert Weiss, executive director of Sexual Recovery Institute, one behavior attributed to sexual addiction is the living of a different public and private life. Tiger Woods gives the public an image of a squeaky-clean family man devoted to his wife and kids, who never gets into typical star athlete shenanigans, while behind closed doors without anyone knowing, he has reportedly been involved with porn stars, escorts, waitresses, and lingerie and bikini models. 

He Was Adventurous in his Exploits – Mindy Lawton, a waitress who was one of Woods’s mistresses, claimed that they had sex in the parking lot of a church.  This could be viewed as a way of creating excitement and craving.  The more sex an addict has, the more it is sought after, and when that happens, it is usually accompanied by ways to make it refreshing and different, like outdoor sex.

He Sometimes Did Not Use Condoms and Left a Digital Trail – In one long-lasting affair, cocktail waitress Jamie Grubbs claimed that Woods did not want to use protection at any time during their fling.  Woods has infamously left text messages with her suggesting sex and requesting nude photos.  He also left a voicemail on her phone warning her that “my wife may be calling you.” These activities point to risky behavior that could be perceived as self-destructive and consistent with sexual addiction behavior.  

He was serial offender – The number of women who have come out publicly and claimed to be sexually involved with Woods is higher than 10.  Repeated cheating can be seen as a sign of addiction.  As a professional athlete who thrives on the adrenaline rush that accompanies the game, Tiger Woods could look at his next sexual conquest with the same rush.  What could have once started as a form of stress release or symptom of dissatisfaction in his marriage could have developed into a obsessive addictive behavior.

Tiger Woods May Have Wanted to be Caught – There is evidence to suggest that Woods had a desire to be caught.  He brought at least one mistress to his house.  The same house that he lived in with his wife and children.  Continuing this would have surely led to discovery of his adultery.  This could be the final characteristic of his sexual addiction.

Sometimes people who struggle with an addiction, be it to a process like having sex or a substance like OxyContin or heroin. will act out in ways that obviously will lead to their addiction being discovered by a family member (or a law enforcement officer).  It is something like a cry for help from their subconscious that may feel guilty about the behavior and want to stop.

Sexual Addiction

When someone is addicted to sex, the thought of sex and the pursuit of it can dominate their life and get in the way of work, family, and their relationships.  The behaviors exhibited by Tiger Woods above are evidence of sexual addiction behavior.  According to WebMD, the following can also point to a sexual addiction:
•    Compulsive masturbation
•    One-night stands
•    Consistent use of pornography
•    Phone or computer sex
•    Voyeurism
•    Sexual harassment

If you feel that you may have a sexual addiction, we can help.  Call 866-323-5609 to have all your questions answered.

-article by Khoi Nguyen


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